Monday, February 16, 2015

Who are these people? Routines #1

From Philip (Ho Chi Minh city, 9:45 pm Sunday 16th Feb, 2015)
Who are these people? What’s in a name?
I recall our good librarian friend and fellow Semester at Sea Librarian, Warner, saying he set a goal before one of his voyages – I will meet, learn, and get to know a new person each day for the next 100 days.

Ahh, if it were that simple, or is it?

What are the top 50 people you know right now or have gotten to know in your life in the last 2 months?

How would you list them? How do you remember their names? Who are the new people you have met in the last 2 months?

In the following lists and names – do NOT be miffed if I do not mention you in person.  But let me know if you want me to know you – tell me your name.

Well, there are our student library assistants with fellow librarian Jonathan - Jennifer, Raisa, Graham, Andrew, Dan, Rachel, Schyler, Brittna, Maya, Joanna, etc.

The "Rulers" – Mark and Bob, Layne, Annaia. IT and AV persons – Raresh, Jig, etc.

The helpers, waiters – Darwin; cabin steward - Sotero

The faculty – John, Lili, Michelle, Ernst, Jim and Jim, and Ernst, Jens, Daphne, etc 

And others – Talon, Brian, Erin, Emma, whom I’ve recently met.

And even others – John K (brainteasers),

Then there are Facebook friends Nadeem, Bill K, David S, Helen A, Betty C, Ginny, Ben, Woody, Beth, Todd, Ted, Cathy, Iris, Vance, etc.

Who are also some of my relatives – Betty, Tim, Julie, Art, Jeanne, Arlene, 

Or who are classmates – Liz, Jackson, Gil, Maudie,

Or others who are non-Facebook – Edith, Jonathan,

And so it goes, one of the many voyage routines – what fun, getting to know you, getting to know new people, some for life, some for just this voyage, some for a few weeks  ...

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  1. Sometimes when I meet someone new, and I have to remember their name like at a conference or someone I meet in France...I try to rhyme their name to something they tell me, the more bizarre the easier to remember. Just a little trick. I loved looking at your pics!