Monday, January 12, 2015

Hello from Deej

Greetings from Deej.
Finally some time on the internet. Here we are sailing the ocean blue, many shades of blue. I saw a ship yesterday, very exciting to know there are others out here in the vastness. I saw a Murphy petrel today and that was also very exciting. The kids I work with are very entertaining. We are having a good time, today we made origami frogs, tomorrow they will have contests with them. Our group of
kids are making frog armies out of them. They are having fun. I have finally almost gotten over the cold I have had since the 2nd day on the ship. We are all getting used to rocking and rolling all the time. The food is quite good. We are becoming the newest Explorer community. We all also seem to
be sleepy all the time. The ship is not as large as I thought it would be but it is nice. Quite chilly everywhere. I hope to be able to some day log in to the blog, oops losing power. bye.

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