Saturday, January 24, 2015

Water everywhere, changing time

From Philip

Yesterday (Friday the 23rd January 2015) the seas were calmer, much less rocky rolly than the previous two days.  We are 'lost' in a sense - can't tell where we are, except by various instruments and clocks - its just barren ocean all around for miles and miles in all directions for hour after hour - help! We are craving the sight of land, of a bird, of another ship, plane, etc.
    Still it does have it's changing beauty - wind-swept white caps in a dark blue ocean, or flat and gently undulating light blue water.  The engine(s) churning up the water at the stern are many shades from white foam to light, light blue, trailing off to the dark blue far behind or on each side.
     Day before yesterday noon was taco day - a nice treat. Do Japanese and Chinese crave tacos? or like to stick to sushi or sweet and sour pork (that was on last night's menu), plus a delicious basil tomato soup.
    And last evening at 6 pm in the library we had our first Library Party of 50 home-made cookies - they didn't arrive at 6, so Jonathan had to run off and find where they were - while the 10 library students and I chatted about many things, life before Semester At Sea, life on board, our plans for the upcoming Japanese and Chinese ports, and congratulated each other on our good work.  A really fine team, providing great service and information. The Japan and China guide books are flying off the Rserve shelves for their two-hour's check-out.
     And another "turn the clock back an hour" last night, the second night in a row, so an hour extra sleep each of those nights.
     This blog configuration does not seem to be able to keep up with the changing times, even though I try my best to got to Settings often.
     So, in spite of all other indications, it is 6:55 am on Saturday the 24th January 2015.  Can't believe another of my birthdays coming up in exactly a month.  Where does the time go? - - - -

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