Saturday, January 17, 2015

Left Hawaii

From Philip

Sorry, but the Internet is very, very slow, so our plan to blog sort of bogged down.  Don't know how much we'll be able to do, but we will keep trying.

Photos of the Charlottesville to San Diego to getting on the ship and Ensenada are on a Picasa album
Have a look, make comments, etc.

It is 7:08 am Friday the 16th Jan 2015 - about 5 hours earlier than most of you on the East Coast and we will loose completely Jan 19th as we cross the International date line.  Hope no one has a birthday that day.

Here's some stuff from some Facebook posts which makes it easy to copy and paste quickly while I have limited Internet access time.

As Nadeem commented "This is the MV Explorer's ultimate voyage in this role; what a watershed experience! Hope the Captain will navigate a pacific passage." Indeed the last voyage for this ship under UVa's sponsorship.  We will be trying to remove another 2,000 books from the 7,000 volume print library to accommodate packing up everything and setting it up on another ship which has a smaller library, for the Fall15 and Sp16 voyages. 

At Hawaii we got a new Captain Roman Krstanovic and Chief Purser Angelito Untivero. 

Nadeem's comment was in response to our post on the 14th Jan "
Hilo - done. On to Honolulu for fuel, then sailing the rough Pacific ocean to Japan for 10 days voyage. Hilo's three highlights - it's Walmart (shampoo!), Farmer's market and Pineapple restaurant fish and chips, and then the black sand (and lava rocky) Richardson's beach."

The day before (13th Jan) the Facebook post was "anticipating docking at Hilo in 10 hours, but my laptop keeps sliding toward me and away from me with the big rocking and rolling on this Pacific ocean - at least no longer sea sick." and I responded to Phil W's query, what happens to the books in rough seas "@Phil W - we hear the ship crew straps the books in when it is really, really rough - but so far, even with some huge rolling, they have sat peacefully on the shelves - there's a 1" raised lip that seems to hold them." 

To Warner's comment on the Picasa Photo album of "Nice photos. Looks like you found wifi somwhere. What is your cabin number?" we wrote "
@Warner 4077. Jonathan's aft at 4115 (he's the assistant librarian on this voyage), but John Shepherd (UVa Anthropology professor on the voyage) is right next door at 4075, and he has the lucky cabin name of Magnolia, ours is something like Kyklimano."

To the same album post Julie's comment was "Thanks for the pictures! Looks as good as a cruise and I like your work space in the Library! TV looks a little small, and you won't be able to watch so many football games so loud. I guess you'll just have to read more!" 
and we responded "@Julie - no TV stations at all - US or foreign. Only thing on our little room TV is a Channel for ship speed, location, and map, and channels 2, 3, and 5 have different DVDs looping each day, which I am in charge of selecting but requests from professors for showing their course DVDs have the highest priority. Today, Friday the 16th, and it is 6:55 am here, Channel 2 has Mystery of Chaco Canyon, Channel 3 Little People, and Channel 5 Nixon's China Game."

Well, that's all we have time for this morning - off to breakfast with Deej at 7:25 am.  

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