Monday, January 19, 2015

Hilo and routines

From Philip (actually sent on Tuesday the 20th Jan. 2015 local day)
See some photos of our visit to Hilo, Hawaii and more 

Routines: during our first 10 days at sea we have set up some routines: alarm at 5:30 AM, up at 6, to Library from 4th deck to 6th deck at 6:30 am, work and Internet til Breakfast at 7:20 at Garden dining area, and back to open up the Library at 8 til 12:30 PM as two student workers come on at 9 and 11, and Jonathan and I lap over for 10 minutes from then til 12:40, and off to lunch – then afternoon work and nap til supper at 6:45 pm, Seminar at 8, and back to cabin at 9:15 for more work, relaxation and sleep.  Repeat.

The last few days of classes have been fairly nice - the captain steered the ship WSW, to avoid a big storm brewing NW of Hawaii, and we have had fairly smooth sailing - still rocking and some sea sicknesses, but mild and we have dealt with it.  Partly cloudy skies - with some views of flying fish, a couple distant freighters. Today Deej and I went with a group for our Bridge tour - about a half hour of explanation and visit to the Bridge, all the instruments, the view out from the 6th deck bridge, talk of the $4.7 million in fuel for this 4 month voyage, of helicopter evacuations by basket (2 in the last year), no one overboard, live views of the sides of the ship for activities there, alarms for fires, locks, etc. Quite something. 

This evening's Seminar on "Why we know so much, care so deeply, but do so little about climate change" was really, really very interesting - with Sal Genovese (ecological) and Howard Ernst (political science) giving some fantastic 15 minute presentations, and Jens Christiansen (economics) adding more.  What great information from amazing scholars. We didn't quite save the planet, but close to it. 

Preceding the seminar in the largest meeting place, the Union on the 6th fore space, was a Sunday evening Christan service, with lots of group singing, reminding me of the Jefferson, Iowa church services I've attended with Julie and family.

Following the Seminar was very loud music with some dancing by faculty and staff up at the 7th deck Glazer lounge, a party celebrating back to the future, since we will loose completely tomorrow, January 19th.  It's gone, gone, gone.  In fact, right now it is January 20th even though I started typing this on January the 18th.  Quite amazing.

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